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Equatorial Healthcare Serv.

EQUATORIAL HEALTHCARE is a dynamic, growing science-based specialty pharmaceutical/chemical company focusing on targeted therapeutic areas of relevance to the tropical world. Our mission is to help mankind by finding solutions to health problems

Biomed Laboratory Services

Biomed Laboratores provide Medical Laboratory Services.

Kingdom Herbal Limited

Our products are very medicinal, they boost your energy level and gives you the appetite you need to eat.

PJ Herbal Ent.

Are you in battle with any of these illness: BP, Asthma, Diabetes, Chest and Heart related diseases, sexual weakness etc, then PJ Herbal is your solution. Our products are available so call us and flee from any of these illness.

Intravenous Infusions Ltd

Our products are used for post-operatively or as a daily maintanance fluid for patients in balance. Stay healthy.

Clidem Herbal Clinic Ltd.

At Cliden Herbal Clinic, we locally produce herbal mixture, soaps, capsules and creams which are made from our own authentic herbs. Our health workers are always ready to assist you whenever you call or visit. Cliden Herbal Clinic: Come sick, Return healed.