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Precious Meals

Here at Precious Foods, our mission is to provide affordable and nutritional meals for the whole family. kindly call the numbers below for your order.

Caltech Ventures Limited

At Caltech Ventures Limited, we produce cassava, high quality cassava flour, ethanol, carbon dioxide, biogas and many more, kindly call the numbers below for your order.


Bel-aqua is a Subsidiary Of Blow-Chem Industries Limited which is currently the only bottled water in Ghana with a pH value b/w 7.5- 7.8 making it ALKALINE BASED and not acidic.

Elssy Kess Company Ltd.

The brand HomeFresh Foods is a natural and no artificial addittives food produced by Elssy Kess Company Ltd. in Ghana-West Africa. We processes organic agricultural produce into a range of conveniently packaged food products to meet the increasing demand for easy to prepare, quality and convenient but African traditional foods for the local and international markets.

Oxy Industries Limited

Oxy Industries Limited is a legally registered limited liability which develops,produce,brand and pack local food products under the band name "Sunny Gold".Some of the ranges of the suuny gold products are brown sugar bottle,brown sugar sachets,brown sugar cubes,brown sugar sticks,white sugar sachets and its sticks,natural cocoa powder,tombrown bottle tombrown sachets and lin brown sugar.

Natu-bi Preserve Establishment

Natu-bi Preserve Establishment is a heavy producing drink for the human made with prekese and honey which prevent heart attack(control blood pressure),facilitates blood circulation,enhances the brain and restore energy.

Hannisah Ventures

Hannisah Ventures provides dietary items such as honey,Peanut butter and palm oil and many more products.

Niche Cocoa Industry Ltd.

Niche produces high quality cocoa liquor, cocoa cake and cocoa butter. Niche does not only focus on processing of products, but believes in value addition through various means including our customer service and support processes.

Franbok Enterprise

Franbok Enterprise manufactures probiotic yoghurt with flavors such as strawberry,vanilla and banana.

Adventure Masters

Adventure Masters are producers of Nature Fresh Mushroom and also train people to be Skilled in Mushroom production for Job Creation.

Delchris Ventures

Delchris Ventures produces packaged Dzowoe or Dakoa (Delx bar)

Aquafresh Limited

Kalyppo is the flagship natural fruit juice brand from Aquafresh Limited which deals in food retailers and fruit importers business activities.

Feanza Industries Ltd

Makola Virgin cocnut oil is produced from fresh coconut at low temperatures. It contains no chemicals.

Alpha Samuelson Co. Ltd

Alpha Samuelson produces quality honey gathered from bees in the tropical hives and is 100% PURE and NATURAL. No additives nor preservatives added. Truly NATURAL.

Delaju Ventures

For your delicious delicacies in Gari already mixed with all the special ingredients to make your day lively, contact Delaju Ventures Now!!!

NUCAS Ghana Ltd.

NUCAS is aimed at providing sustainable food security by contributing significantly towards the global fight against hunger and malnutrition across Ghana and other vulnerable African countries.

Koko King

We see Koko King as a great local food brand with global food safety and quality standards providing innovative local food solutions to our local and international markets as well as  provide high quality nutritious, reliable, healthy, affordable, convenient and tasty meals, driven by excellent customer service and timely delivery.

Lily Kylies Enterprise

For Your delicious and nutritious Nutrimix cereal, contact Lily Awuah Now!!!