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Ameen Sangari Industries

Ameen Sangari Industries produces edible oil, soap, detergent, glycerine & electrical poles which is affordable.

Cluster of Soap Makers

Cluster of Soap Makers produces Liquid and Bar Soaps which is affordable.

Titlwayh Ventures

Titlwayn ventures is known for the manufacturing of Graps Herbal Natural Soap. Located at Oyibi, you can contact Titlwayn now.

Sheaxeen Naturals Ent.

We are a family owned business making spa products as well as handmade, handcrafted artisan soaps so pretty and awesome smelling you will want to eat them! But DON'T!!

Suhcare Limited

Shea butter is well-known throughout the world for its excellent properties which in addition to being edible, is recommended for Body and Skin care. Contact Suhcare your quality shea butter

Malti A.M. Ent.

Multi is known for the production of body products with natural and organic now